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  • How do you make things anonymous?

    We ask you for a username and your matches will email you through that username. For example, if you choose "CovidBae" as your username, your matches will email you through "", and you will receive that email in your personal email that you signed up with. It's just like Craiglist!

    Please make sure to sign up using an email that does NOT have signatures automatically populated. If it does, you will need to manually exclude it each time you email.

  • Through the new email relay feature! Once you receive your matches, email them directly using the email you signed up with, and they will see it come from

    Note: you will not be able to email it from any other email address than the one you signed up with! So please choose carefully!

  • There are certain limitations with the email relay. You CANNOT:

    1) Email multiple users at once

    2) Send attachments

    3) Send emails to users you are not matched with

    4) Send emails to users who have left the platform

  • You will receive matches on a weekly basis!

  • Try checking that you indicated "Yes" to "Receivng Matches" in your profile page.

  • Currently matches are paird with you based on your gender preference and location. We will be adding more filters as we get more users on board and can afford more granular filtering.

  • ONE Week! Try to remain anonymous for the first week of communication to establish more of that emotional connection.

    After one week, you can reveal in any way you like! Share your phone numbers, do a zoom call, or share your instagram accounts!

  • At Candr, we hope to make meaningful connections even if it doesn't turn out romantic! If you are not physically attracted, you can be friends! We are all adults here and open communication is key. Just share that you are would rather be friends and the other person will appreciate your candor.